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Amachi is Changing Lives

Amachi is a mentoring program that pairs mentors with at-risk children impacted by incarceration.  During the past 7 years, we’ve had some pretty amazing stories of lives being changed, both children and mentors.

Ben’s dad has been in and out of his life and has never been a positive influence.  Ben and his siblings have seen a lot of violence and abuse in their household. Because of the negative things he has seen, Ben has dealt with a lot of behavior and self-esteem issues.  A year ago Ben was matched with a mentor named Huston.  Huston has provided Ben with a positive influence, guidance and direction. With Huston he has been able to talk about his difficult family life and choices he is faced with.  Ben’s mother shared that, “his eyes light up when he knows Huston is coming over.  He has made a huge difference in his life, and I’m so thankful that he is in his life.  I wasn’t sure about him having a mentor because he hasn’t ever had a positive man in his life, but Huston made a positive difference in his life.”

Cassie’s mom has been in and out of jail all of Cassie’s life.  Cassie lives with her grandfather and has never had a positive female influence in her life.  Because she has never had this type of influence, she does not know how to handle her mother being in and out of her life.  Cassie struggles with aggressiveness and poor decision making.  Cassie was matched with a mentor named Kym in April 2010.  Since they have been matched, Cassie has learned positive ways to express her anger and has found in Kym someone who has been consistent in showing love and guidance.  Through the process of getting to know a story so different from her own, Kym has learned that caring for and getting to know someone in need of extra love (and certainly coming from a different perspective) is at times uncomfortable, but crucial in helping Cassie to become the best version of herself. Through entering the story of this young “child of promise,” Kym has learned the value of both giving and receiving love.

There are MANY children in need of your help. We’d love to have you volunteer to mentor a child of promise and change their lives forever. To volunteer, please click here for more information, or if you’d be interested in volunteering in another capacity, we’d love your help too.