Welcome to Lexington Leadership Foundation

We are glad you are here!  We hope you will take time to move around this site and learn more about Lexington Leadership Foundation and the initiatives that function under our umbrella. But before you start – take a moment and imagine what it would be like if the body of Christ were connected, unified and mobilized effectively in our city?  What if the Church came together to address the most pressing needs of the broken, the vulnerable and the poor in our city?  What if the Bride of Christ was brought together in relationship and resource in such a way that the advancement of the Kingdom of God in our city was our primary objective?

Lexington Leadership Foundation believes that the result of a connected, unified and mobilized body of Christ is a transformed city.  A city that shines out in the dawn…a city of hope…a city of refuge…a city for God.

Our Mission is to connect, unify and mobilize the body of Christ.

Our Vision is that Lexington would become a city for God.