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LLF’s David Cozart Receives National Recognition for Work with Fathers (Watch Video)


David Cozart, Director of LLF’s Fayette County Fatherhood Initiative, was named one of the TODAY show’s phenomenal dads in honor of Father’s Day this past June. In addition to being the father of three himself, David was recognized for his work with men to help them become responsible fathers.

Watch the video segment here (5:34 min):


As a partner with the Today Show, the Lexington Legends provided 50 tickets for dads and their kids to enjoy a ballgame. Sunday, July 30, was the perfect day for the event, as men and their families enjoyed watching the Legends beat West Virginia.

Following the national press, Lexington’s own WLEX-18 Dia Davidson interviewed David for an extended conversation. The conversation provided an in-depth look at the Fayette County Fatherhood Initiative, which seeks to break the cycle of poverty and pain associated with being raised fatherless, empowering men to become good fathers, partners, and employees. Through its volunteers and partners, men are given mentors and support to help them stand tall, stand strong and make a difference in the lives of their families and community.

The entire interview, “LEX 18 Digital Conversation: David Cozart And The Fayette County Fatherhood Initiative” can be found here: