About LLF

To know “who” we are – you should first know “whose” we are.  We are a faith based, Christ centered organization that is situated by God in Lexington, KY to connect, unify and mobilize the body of Christ. We do this by operating a sound but distinct strategy.

Our Strategy
Lexington Leadership Foundation is distinct in its ministry approach.  Essentially, LLF is an intermediary organization.  As an intermediary, we help connect the community of resource with the community of need.   We work to bring people together to tackle the largest problems of our city.  We develop leadership and capacity in people and organizations in an effort to engage those entities in meaningful service to the city.   While we do provide direct services, we are more process oriented than program focused.  Our strategy can be defined by the following five characteristics:

Sometimes there are needs in the city that are not being addressed for which we seek to bring people together around those issues.  We do this through establishing coalitions and alliances of people that have a passion or commitment to the issue at hand.  We believe convergence to be critically important.

We also act as developers of people and ministry concepts.  Whether we initiated the idea or are just walking side by side with a group of people working to tackle a problem, we can help address the need through counsel, networking, strategic planning and leadership development.

While our goal is to develop other leaders and organizations to deliver the services, there are certain programs and initiatives that LLF will manage for a short term.  Often start-up programs need an organization with greater operational capacity, like LLF, to implement them during the first few years.

Often programs are functioning under the direction of others.  In those cases, LLF plays the role of a facilitator.  We facilitate ministries by providing administrative services, ongoing support, and leadership development.

Finally, LLF acts as a supporter to people and ministries across the city.  Most commonly, we support through prayer and encouragement.  We are cheer leaders to the cause of Christ in the city.

Our History
In 1998, a local group led by John Withers attended a joint meeting of the Christian Community Development Association and the Leadership Foundations of America.  Impacted by what they learned there, the group felt led to begin Lexington Leadership Foundation. The following spring, Reid Carpenter of LFA was invited to speak at several community meetings in Lexington.  The consensus following his visit was to move forward and LLF was incorporated in August of 1999.

LLF’s founding leaders felt that the first action should be to pray!  A team of intercessory prayer leaders developed The Trumpet to focus strategic prayer for our city.  Next, a survey of inner-city ministry leaders and social service providers was undertaken to determine the pressing needs facing our city which were not currently being addressed by any other agency.  The overwhelming cry was for help with children and youth.  As a result, Read to Succeed was begun in the Fall of 2000, following a model program in Memphis and engaging a group of motivated volunteers. Many of the initial volunteers continue to be involved in RTS to this day.

Since then, many initiatives have been executed strategically at LLF, including Amachi, Urban Impact, The Link, Kingdom Builders, Team LLF, etc.  We hope you will check out the program pages to learn more about each ministry.