Who knows but what God has brought us through this child.

-African proverb

Amachi matches mentors with children in need of positive adult influence.



Amachi Central Kentucky is a mentoring program that seeks to pair caring, positive adults with children and youth in the bluegrass who have one or both parents in state or federal prison or are affected by incarceration in some way.  There are over 7 million children faced with the challenges and trauma that is associated with the negative effects of incarceration.  This group of young people represents the highest risk of youth in America.  Without effective intervention these children are six times more likely to engage in negative behavior than kids not affected by incarceration.

To intervene and assist these young people each mentor commits to spending at least one hour per week with one child engaging in a variety of positive activities.

While there are many programs to help those in prison, there are few viable programs to address the specific needs of the children left behind. Amachi is a passionate response to the needs of children impacted by incarceration. Amachi is designed to address their needs and alter the potential negative direction of these children’s lives through mentoring.

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Amachi from Lexington Leadership Foundation on Vimeo.