Who knows but what God has brought us through this child.

-African proverb

There are many ways you can support Amachi. Ask us how!


There are many ways to support Amachi!

  • Give Financial Support – You can support our program with monetary gifts by clicking here.  All gifts are tax exempt and will go directly toward supporting the Amachi program. (Note: Please designate “Amachi” when you give.)
  • Provide Tickets/Gift Cards/Passes – We work hard to support each match between a Child of Promise and their mentor by providing them with incentive gifts such as tickets to ball games or events, passes to restaurants and coffee shops, etc.  To offer this kind of support, please contact Maggie Middleton at mmiddleton@lexlf.org
  • Invite Us to speak about or recruit mentors at your church, Sunday School class, Kiwanis club, etc.  To support us in this way please contact mmiddleton@lexlf.org
  • Host an Event for our children or mentors.  Contact mmiddleton@lexlf.org
  • Refer a friend by filling out the following form. They will get a chance to view our website.