Building organizational and leadership capacity in the faith-based non-profit sector

Connect - Unify - Mobilize - Transform

Capacity Building

Lexington Leadership Foundation is distinct in its ministry approach.  Essentially, LLF is an intermediary organization.  As an intermediary, we help connect the community of resource with the community of need.   We work to bring people together to tackle the largest problems of our city.  We develop leadership and capacity in people and organizations in an effort to engage those entities in meaningful service to the city.  While we do sometimes provide direct services, it is when other organizations alone cannot meet a particular need.

Sometimes there are needs in the city that are not being addressed for which we seek to bring people together around those issues.  We do this through establishing coalitions and alliances of people that have a passion or commitment to the issue at hand.  We believe convergence to be critically important.

We also act as developers of people and ministry concepts.  Whether we initiated the idea or are just walking side by side with a group of people working to tackle a problem, we can help address the need through counsel, networking, strategic planning and leadership development.

Recently we worked with a group of service providers to the homeless in our city.  Together, we identified the need for a day time drop-in center to provide shelter, lockers and transportation to other service providers.  Out of this effort the New Life Day Center was begun.
Following a successful first year of operation under the fiscal umbrella of LLF, New Life Day Center is now operating as a separate 501(c)3 organization. After opening in November, 2011, the center served over 1400 clients in its first year, averaging 120 in daily attendance.  During that time, they helped more than 150 find employment and permanent housing.

The center is located at 224 Martin Luther King Blvd., Lexington.