Mobilizing a City, Discipling Nations

Mobilizing the Church to pray, go and send.

City for the Nations


City for the Nations mobilizes the Church in Lexington to pray, go, and send to the nations locally and throughout the earth.

We seek the heart of God because He is worthy of all praise, glory and honor. We believe it’s from a heart of prayer and worship for God that brings unity, sincere desire for obedience and a move of the Holy Spirit. We desire to educate the church on how to effectively pray for the nations, especially unreached people groups. We desire to see every congregation in the city fervently praying for the nations, missionaries, and the advancement of God’s Kingdom.

Jesus words compelled us to go into the whole earth and preach the gospel and make disciples of all nations. We provide opportunities for the church to reach the nations here in the city and throughout the earth. We focus on the proclaiming of the gospel and tangible acts of love and service which leads to salvation, discipleship and leadership development.

We realize as this movement grows that people will be called to go to other nations. We want it to be simple for people to go to the nations. We want our city to be a place where missionaries are sent short and long term. Through our network of churches and ministries we connect people with the nation God is calling them to. Not everyone is called to go, but everyone can help send others through leveraging their resources, skills and time to support the work of those engaged in ministry.

City for the Nations was sparked in the hearts of several ministry and marketplace leaders who were passionate to see Lexington mobilized as a city to reach unreached people groups with the gospel of Jesus Christ. An unreached people group is a people group or ethnic group, within which there is no viable indigenous church or churches with sufficient strength, resources, and commitment to sustain and ensure the continuous multiplication of churches.
Facts about unreached people groups (Issachar Initiative):

  • There are still 4,000+ language groups which still have no Bible and over
  • 3,100 people groups have no missionary
  • It is estimated that well over 1 million neighborhoods are without a single church
  • 2/3 of the world and the unreached are illiterate and need to receive the Gospel message orally but we tend to minister with a literate approach
  • 3.5 billion Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus are without Christ, and have very little chance of hearing the Gospel