Serve the Kingdom by leading a Godly business


Kingdom Builders is preparing leaders in business for the Kingdom

Kingdom Builders


97% of Christians are marketplace leaders, not paid Clergy or ministry professionals.


These leaders desire to please God above anything else in their lives and find ways to make a difference in our city and our world. A group of such leaders representing Lexington Leadership Foundation (LLF), and Spiritual Leadership, Inc. (SLI), have collaborated to develop a model for equipping Christian leaders, called Kingdom Builders at Work. Two pilot groups completed this journey recently.

Our purpose is equipping workplace leaders to integrate their faith and work and engage in Kingdom action together.


This group of leaders meets one Thursday a month, over lunch.  We invite marketplace leaders to discuss what it looks like to be ministers in their workplace.  We also invite those leaders to participate in a weekly small group with other business leaders to practically discuss how to change integrate a Kingdom bottom line into their business.

Our leaders represent entrepreneurs, CEO level professionals, sales professionals, real estate brokers and investors, and many other professions.  We offer a conversation that is not common in local congregations.  The dialogue we engage in at our meetings focuses on elevating leaders to their biblical calling of being ministers in the marketplace.

For more information on Kingdom Builders at Work please email Eric Geary @  We would love to have you join us for a session.