Mission & Values

“Through Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit we connect leaders, unify the body and mobilize people to transform Lexington into a city for God.”

CONNECT. We connect leaders by:

  • Initiating conversations around the issues that face the broken and vulnerable in our city.
  • Linking marketplace leaders, civil servants, and ministry leaders to each other and to the community.

UNIFY. We unify the body by:

  • Building coalitions and alliances among congregations and ministries to meet the needs of the marginalized in our city.
  • Communicating a message of unity among the people of God.
  • Supporting minitries and community agencies across the city.

MOBILIZE. We mobilize the body by:

  • Developing and implementing city-wide programs that believers can engage in to make a difference in the name of Christ.
  • Providing leadership development and specific ministry training for the body of Christ.
  • Building capacity in ministries and individuals


We depend on the Holy Spirit to transform individuals, families, communities, and city of Lexington through our efforts.