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"Through Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, 
we connect leaders, unify the body, and mobilize people to transform Lexington into a City for God"


Lexington, Kentucky is a city known for having the world’s fastest horses, winningest basketball, and best bourbon. 


At is a city with a 240-year rich history that has created a diverse set of neighborhoods, communities and people groups. 


Also includes some of the challenging realities of our city. 


Share what makes Lexington unique. What sets it apart from other cities? 


A tale of two cities… 


With 330,000 people calling Lexington home, it is the 57th largest city in America by population. 

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Jesus says the Kingdom of God will be a place of peace,
a place where men and women of ripe old age . . .  

When Jesus taught his followers to pray, he prayed that the Kingdom of God would be on earth as it is in heaven. 

Cast the vision for what Lexington can be, so that the Kingdom of God will come on earth as it is in heaven. 

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