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Center for Fathers & Families
Promoting, Resourcing & Supporting Fathers

“And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to their children,
and the heart of the children to their fathers.”
-Malachi 4:6

What is the Center for Fathers & Families?

Welcome to the Center for Fathers and Families, the heart of the Lexington Leadership Foundation's Fatherhood Initiative. Nestled at the crossroads of compassion and empowerment, our center serves as a safe place for fathers striving to forge stronger, healthier relationships with their children. Recognizing the unique challenges many fathers face, we operate as a ministry hub and dedicated resource center, providing tailored support and tools to help every father overcome barriers. The space we foster offers paths to reconciliation, growth, transformational love, ensuring that every child can experience the enduring embrace of their father.

 85% of fathers say being a dad is their most important job, but many feel they lack the skills to do it well.

Fast Facts

A Look Around Center for Fathers & Families

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"The commitment I made to volunteer with the Fatherhood Initiative has given me a chance to show struggling fathers that someone cares about them and that Jesus loves them. I got involved to make an impact in their lives, but they have changed my life too." -Tyrone

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