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"Building a City for God: Announcing Our New Initiative"

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By: Christian Postel | Lexington Leadership Foundation, CEO

May 1, 2024


I’m honored to get to share with you that Lexington Leadership Foundation is launching its 5th initiative in 2024, and even more excited to share that the work we’ll be focused on has the potential to substantially influence many of the nonprofits and congregations in our city that you care about and invest in. 


Since our founding in 1999, LLF has, at its core, been all about building the capacity of others to help transform Lexington into a City for God. This is, of course, because everything we do is rooted in the teachings of Jesus and our best efforts to follow his example. While many know LLF for what we do (Amachi, Urban Impact, The Prayer Room, and Fatherhood Initiative), LLF also has a quiet history of capacity building in leaders, volunteers and organizations (like helping launch New Life Day Center in 2012 and City for the Nations in 2016). Our newest initiative, Mission Increase, perhaps best reflects the core of who we are


But first, what exactly is capacity building? 


Capacity building involves strengthening the skills, competencies and abilities of people and organizations to help them overcome challenges so they can increase their Kingdom impact. 


Consider the way Jesus built capacity in Peter, James and John through mentoring, teaching, and empowering them for future success in ministry. They certainly didn’t have everything figured out when they met Jesus, or even while they followed him (cue the “get behind me Satan” reference), but they were full of passion, and for as much as they believed in Jesus, he believed in them even more. Jesus built capacity in his disciples.


Nehemiah, a former cupbearer turned governor of Judah, mobilized the entire city of Jerusalem and rebuilt its fallen wall in 52 days, despite threats from the Philistines and others (Nehemiah 2-6). Nehemiah communicated vision and utilized a city-wide strategy to build capacity in small groups of people at a time; collectively, they saved a vulnerable Jerusalem from total destruction. Nehemiah built capacity in the Israelites.


Jethro built capacity in his son-in-law, a guy you’ve probably never heard of named Moses, by encouraging him to delegate leadership (Exodus 18:21).


Joseph built capacity in Egypt’s neighboring countries on behalf of Pharaoh for seven consecutive years through strategic planning and wise stewardship of resources (Genesis 41)


I’ll stop short of Paul’s influence on Titus and Timothy and nearly the entire book of Acts.


While I don’t foresee LLF building walls or storing grain for seven years, launching Mission Increase will allow us to better equip nonprofits, congregations, and donors to increase their Kingdom Impact so that more lives are transformed for Jesus.


Similar to Amachi's national mentoring model with local autonomous presences, Mission Increase, a national entity, is now extending its reach to Lexington through LLF. Our Board and I are honored to partner with a ministry that aligns with our faith, and resonates so deeply with our mission, vision, and values. 


FROM NEWSLETTER: This month, Damon Mazza, our current Director of Development (who has done an incredible job over the last eight years), will transition to the role of LLF’s Mission Increase Area Director. Mission Increase will offer various training opportunities for nonprofits, congregations, and donors to enhance their Kingdom impact: 

  • Nonprofits will learn best fundraising practices and improve outcomes measurement. 

  • Congregations will be guided to foster generosity and support quality local causes.

  • Donors will be educated on identifying effective causes and assessing impactful giving.

As we anticipate the launch of Mission Increase, we eagerly look forward to the ways Jesus will manifest His plans for our city through this initiative, and I believe this likely includes your involvement. But wait, this note isn't ending with an ask for your financial support!


Instead, I’d actually like to invite you to reflect on the biblical story of Bezalel and Oholiab in Exodus 31, my favorite example of biblical capacity building. These men, originally brick makers, were equipped by God with His Spirit and then empowered with extraordinary skills. (Did you catch that little secret? It’s not really us that builds capacity, it's Jesus). Their transformation from artisans to creators of the Ark of the Covenant, a tangible symbol of God's presence, is a perfect example of capacity building; it's literally divine.  


Imagine then, how our own skills, when infused with God's Spirit and equipped with wisdom, understanding, and knowledge, could significantly contribute to His Kingdom coming in Lexington as it is in heaven. As excited as I am for LLF to launch Mission Increase this year, I’m even more excited about your consideration of the possibilities it might have on you and the organizations, congregations, and people you care about. 


Be on the lookout for Mission Increase workshops and consulting opportunities later this year. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention my favorite part about all of this: 100% of Mission Increase services are offered at zero cost. Nonprofits never pay. Congregations never pay. Donors never pay. It’s all gift, and one we’re privileged to pay forward as we advance the Kingdom in our city, together.


Whatever it is you’re passionate about, we look forward empowering it. 


The best is yet to come,


        Christian Postel

        CEO | Lexington Leadership Foundation

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