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Contagious Mentorship Leads to 15 New Matches

By: Maggie Middleton | Amachi, Director

October 19, 2023

Jesus changed the world through the power of relationships. Today, Amachi stands as a testament to the power of that continued transformation. While our core mission revolves around empowering youth impacted by incarceration, it's the depth of the one-on-one connections we foster that makes all the difference. The secret ingredient to the success of our program is in how these bonds not only uplift our youth but also enrich the lives of our mentors. The challenge and the reward? Finding dedicated mentors who can both guide and learn from these remarkable young individuals.

Our desire to find a mentor for every youth in Lexington impacted by incarceration, though ambitious, isn't walked alone: champions like Nick Hostetter, an Amachi mentor for nearly four years, has amplified the reach of Amachi, serving as a volunteer ambassador as an extension of his investment in his mentee, Jesse.


Beyond nurturing a transformative bond with Jesse, Nick has shared the Amachi story far and wide, telling dozens of his friends about how life-changing it can be to spend at least an hour a week with a young person. The result? 15 of Nick’s friends are now Amachi mentors (and counting!). From hosting events for his professional network to maintaining ties with his mentee even after moving cities, Nick's dedication remains unwavering, and his passion for mentoring has changed (at least) 30 lives. His belief is that mentorship not only changes young lives but changes the mentors' lives in return.

We are privileged to witness the incredible potential of our youth and to draw inspiration from devoted mentors. In essence, while we as staff may lay the foundation, it's our broader Amachi family, mentors like Nick, and supporters like you who truly bring our vision to life. Together, we create lasting transformation, proving that, in unity, the impact of our collective efforts helps Lexington become a city for God. 

Nick, far right, leads a discussion during a mentor recruitment night.

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