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Experiencing Matthew 25:36

Fatherhood Initiative is back in Fayette County Detention Center

By: Jared Sloan | Fatherhood Initiative, Director

October 19, 2023

I hope this message finds you well. I want to fill you in on some uplifting news from the Fatherhood Initiative. We’re back in the Fayette County Detention Center (FCDC), and the energy is incredible. It feels like we’re right where Jesus wants us to be, encouraging and equipping men to reclaim their roles as fathers while we help them heal and rebuild relationships, and I want to share this journey with you.


As you may know, we're serving FCDC through 2nd Chance Academy. Our friends at Jubilee Jobs are steering this ship in partnership with the city, and together, we’re hosting workshops twice a month on topics like conflict resolution, self-awareness, and the father’s role. It's all about timing. These men are nearing the end of their sentences, and the anticipation of release is palpable. Our aim is to let them know that we’re in their corner, ready to provide them with additional spiritual, emotional and economic father-centric support when they get out.


In a recent workshop, we explored the idea of each man being the hero of his own story, facing and overcoming conflict. It was a powerful session of laughter, deep reflection, and genuine connection. The impact? Men leaving with a fresh understanding of themselves, armed with tools to break down barriers and mend relationships. Watching these transformations fills me with hope. And, to be completely honest,

it is tough to understand the significance of Jesus words in Matthew 25:36, I was in prison and you came to visit me, until you’ve had the chance to experience it for yourself, but listen to this: One father shared his longing to reunite with his son and his dream of them hiking together, after six years of being incarcerated. Another is fueled by a newfound humility he’s found behind prison walls, along with a desire to guide his children away from the paths he once took. The resilience and hope echoing within the walls of FCDC is heart-rending and inspiring.


So, why am I telling you all this? Because your support, in any form, can make a monumental difference in the life of a father and his children. Whether it's getting involved in our prison ministry, War Room, 1:1 mentoring, or father-centric workshops – every effort matters. Your contribution can be a catalyst for change, healing, and restoration.


If you'd like to join us in guiding fathers into a new chapter in life, let’s connect; you’re welcome to reach me at 859-800-9974!

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