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Pastoral Care Through the Ministry of Prayer

By: Tommy Green | The Prayer Room, Director

October 19, 2023

The pastoral care efforts through the ministry of The Prayer Room continue to remain a source of great encouragement to many. We've been very thankful recently for multiple ongoing opportunities to carry the heart of Jesus into the midst of deep heartache.


Through the authority of His Word and the anointing of His presence, the Lord provides the means for the demonically oppressed to experience deliverance; for those who have suffered from suicidal ideation to find hope; for people enduring the effects of debilitating medical conditions to receive healing; for the incarcerated to walk in joy.


Please reach out to us if we can extend care through our visitation outreach, or to schedule a time to receive personal ministry at The Prayer Room.


Did you know LLF’s staff spends at least one hour per week together

in prayer for each other’s ministries and the city of Lexington?

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