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Faithful Connection:
Nurturing Mentorship With Spiritual Growth

By: Maggie Middleton | Amachi, Director

May 1, 2024

How does Amachi contribute to seeing the Kingdom come in Lexington as it is in heaven? At Amachi, the vision of transforming Lexington into a city for God is embodied through the dedication of mentors who unite faith with action. Inspired by the teachings of Jesus (particularly the call in Matthew 25:40), these mentors commit to at least one hour per week for a full year, guiding and supporting young people affected by incarceration. This service often stems from their faith in Jesus, driving them to positively invest in the lives of youth. 

While the style of mentorship varies widely, each connection creates opportunities for spiritual growth, embodying Jesus' invitation to welcome children, for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these (Matthew 19:14). This month, we're celebrating five unique examples where these faithful connections have made a significant impact, thanks to the incredible dedication of our mentors. Through their efforts, we see the advancing of the Kingdom in Lexington, a testimony to the transformative power of mentorship and faith working hand in hand!


Dan and his mentee recently read a book about Jesus, after his mentee expressed a desire to learn more about his faith.


Ethan brings his mentee and his mentee’s brother to his church's youth group.


Recently matched, Lynn’s mentee set a goal to grow in her faith, so the two of them are doing a devotional together throughout the summer.


Jonathan’s mentee recently asked for a Bible and has since been attending youth group at Jonathan’s church.

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Hayden and his mentee talked about how important their faith in Jesus is the first time they met, and they attend church together on a regular basis.

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