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Leadership Academy Connects Leaders 
to Fulfill a Vision of Safer Streets

By: Marcus Patrick | Urban Impact, Director

May 1, 2024

In Woodhill, as it is In Heaven… We often come back to this phrase because it can be centering. No tears of sadness and no pain exists there; we want the same thing here. We want to have streets and sidewalks that people feel safe playing in and walking on, and sometimes it takes a little more effort than usual to make that happen.  

There has been a bit of an uptick in unsavory neighborhood behavior recently, so to interrupt it, our Leadership Academy team launched a couple of street outreach activities to be a positive presence. We are grateful to have the support and engagement from community partners like One Lexington, Southland, Amachi, First Alliance and many others, to make these efforts work and be worthwhile. Be on the lookout this summer for many more opportunities to join us in filling our streets with a bit of joy.

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